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If you have a smart phone then you have probably heard of the fun yet addicting game called “candy crush”. It’s so popular that even Yogurtland is coming out with a Candy Crush Sweet Treats  campaign. #yogurtlandsweettreats on July 6th and runs through September 13th.


Last week Erin and I attended a media preview for the release of the new flavors. We sampled the new flavors and even got a tour of the test kitchen where they come up with new flavors.

New Candy Crush Flavors

There are 10 new Candy Crush inspired flavors: Every two weeks Yogurtland will introduce two new flavors (on Mondays…mark your calendar). The new flavors with release dates are:

Orange Fizz Sorbet (July 6)
Maple Donut (July 6)
Blue Raspberry Sorbet (July 20)
Chocotastic! Sorbet (July 20)
Salted Caramel Gelato (August 3) – it’s cultured
Candy Clouds (August 3)
Lemonade Lake (August 17)
Cupcake Carnival (August 17)
Butterscotch (August 31)
Minty Meadow (August 31)


Candy Crush inspired toppings:


There are 6 new delicious toppings. They are colorful and tasty.

  • Sugary squirms
  •  candy fish
  • color bombs
  •  blue raspberry candy bears
  •  frosted donuts
  •  chocolate wafer wharfs


New collectible spoons and cups


There are five new spoon designs that match items you see in the Candy Crush game. There’s a blue candy, teal bear, orange soda bottle, red candy fish and a purple flower candy.



Sweet Treats Sweepstakes


Guests will have a chance to win instant prizes like free frozen yogurt for a year and an unlimited cup of frozen yogurt.

PicMonkey Collage4


My favorite flavors were Lemonade Lake and Chocolate sorbet. We also won fun prizes like candy crush socks and played with temporary tattoos.

For more information visit Yogurtland on Facebook and on Twitter.

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