101 Delicious Desserts From Fast Food Restaurants In Orange County


101 Delicious Desserts

Summer is almost here and cooling off with a sweet treat from a fast food restaurant can be a fun outing for the whole family. Especially after a long day at the beach. I have created a list of 101 delicious desserts that can be bought a various fast food restaurants throughout Orange County. Plus they won’t break the bank!

Some are frozen and some are baked but there are enough choices to keep everyone happy.

Have a look through the list and tell me what YOUR favorite dessert is! And feel free to drop me and let me know if I have missed any good ones. Enjoy!


1. Baked Apple Pie
2. Soft Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies
3. Soft Baked Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
4. McFlurries (Oreo and M&M)
5. Sundaes (Hot Fudge, Hot Caramel, Strawberry)
6.Shakes (Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry)

Burger King

7. Warm Oreo Brownie Sundae
8. Dutch Apple Pie
9. Cinnabon Minibon Roll
10. Shakes (Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry)
11. Sundae (Caramel, Strawberry, Chocolate Fudge)


12. Ice Dream
13. Chocolate Chunk Cookie
14. Cookie Sundae
15. Mini Sundae
16. Milkshakes (Chocolate, Cookies and Cream, Peach, Strawberry, Vanilla)


17. Frosty (Classic, Chocolate, Strawberry Vanilla and Caramel)
18. Waffle Cone Frosty

Carl’s Jr.

19. Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake
20. Chocolate Chip Cookies
21. Chocolate Cake


22. Turnovers (Chocolate, Apple, Cherry)
23. Chocolate Chunk Cookies (limited Time)
24. Chocolate Molten Lava Cake
25. Jamocha Shake

Taco Bell

26. Cinnabon Delights
27. Churro
28. Brownie Sandwich
29. Caramel Apple Empanada

Sonic Drive-In

30. Sonic Blasts
31. Ice Cream Shakes
32. Floats (Root Beer, Coca-Cola, Dr.Pepper)
33. Cream Slush Treats (Strawberry, Orange, Cherry, Grape, Watermelon, Blue Coconut, Lemon, Lemonberry and Lime)
34. Sundaes (Fudge Brownie Molten Cake , Red Velvet Molten Cake, Strawberry Banana Split Molten Cake, Turtle Molten Cake, Pineapple Sundae, Caramel Sundae)
35. Java Chiller (Caramel, Mocha)
36. Slushies (Various Flavors and Nerd Candy Slushies)
37. Limeade


38. Chocolate Chip Cake
39. Chocolate Chip Cookies


40. Cookies (Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, White Chocolate Macadamian. These Vary By Restaurant)

Jack In The Box

41. MIni Cookies
42. Mini Churros
43. NY Style Cheesecake
44. Chocolate Overload Cake
45. Root Beer Float

Pizza Hut

46. Hershey’s Chocolate Dunker’s
47. Cinnamon Sticks

Domino’s Pizza

48. Cinna Stix
49. Chocolate Lava Crunch Cake

Papa John’s

50. Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie
51. Cinnapie


52. Cookies (Oatmeal Raisin, Chocolate Chunk, Cinnamon Sugar Cookie)
53. Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Del Taco

54. Cinnamon Churros
55. Caramel Cheesecake Bites
56. Chocolate Chip Cookies
57. Shakes (Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry)

El Pollo Loco

58. Tres Leche Cake
59. Cheesecake Chimichanga
60. Chocolate Chip Brownie
61. Churros
62. Vanilla Soft Serve

Long John Silver’s

63. Pineapple Cream Cheese Pie
64. Chocolate Cream Pie

Boston Market

65. Apple Pie
66. Pecan Pie
67. Chocolate Cake
68. Chocolate Chunk Cookie
69. Chocolate Brownie

Popeye’s Louisiana Chicken

70. Mardi Gras Cheesecake
71. Pecan Pie
72. Cinnamon Apple Pie


73. Soft Serve Cones (Vanilla, Cake Batter, Chcolate
74. Freezes (Oreo, M&M, Reeses Peanut Butter Cup)
75. Shakes (Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Rootbeer)
76. Sundaes (Hot Fudge, Chocolate, Strawberry Caramel)

Habit Burger

77. Vanilla Ice Cream Cone
78. Shakes (Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Mocha, Coffee)
79. Malts (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, mocha, coffee)
80. Sundae (Vanilla ice cream, Hershey’s© chocolate, whipped cream and nuts)

Daphne’s California Greek

81. Traditional Baklava
82. Chocolate Chip Cookies
83. Greek Yogurt Delight with chopped baklava, blueberries and pomegranate drizzle

Corner Bakery

84. Pound Cakes (Lemon and Pumpkin
85. Lemon Bar
86. Maple Pecan Bar
87. Rugalach (Cinnamon Pecan and Apricot Walnut)
88. Cinnamon Creme Cake
89. Hand Pies (Blueberry and Apple)
90. Whoopie Pies (Vanilla Buttercream and Peanut Butter
91. Cookies ( old fashioned chocolate chip, sugar, oatmeal currant, monster, snickerdoodle and
92. Brownies (Fudge and Cream Cheese)
93. Bundt Cakes (Available in chocolate and gingerbread pumpkin.)

Panera Bread

94. Mini Cakes (Strawberry Rhubarb and Whte Chocolate Rasberry)
95. Cupcakes (Vanilla, Chocolate, Red Velvet, Carrot Cake)
96. Double Fudge Brownies
97. Cinnamon Crumb Coffee Cake

Which Wich

98. Ice Cream Sandwich
99. Brownie
100. Rice Crispy Treats
101. Shakes (Banana, Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Pineapple and Oreo)
102. Cookies (Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chunk, Oatmeal)

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