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Last week my friend Wendy from Over The Top Mommy and I had a chance to check out Fashion Islands newest restaurant Blue C Sushi. I am a huge Sushi lover and when I heard that it was a revolving Sushi Bar I was even more excited! There is just something so fun about watching your food come straight to you on a belt and picking out exactly what you like.

Blue C Sushi Interior

The vibe of this restaurant is so much fun! It has a very eclectic interior with lots of bright colors and unique designs. The first thing you notice when you walk in are the giant magnets on the wall in the sitting area. They are very interactive and fun to play with.


The lights hanging from the ceiling are bright circular rings. When you look straight up at them they look like hidden Mickeys. I wonder if this was done intentionally or if it’s just part of the design? Either was it was cute!


There was a full bar with a TV and mirrors.


Blue C Sushi Service

This was the best part of our dinner! We laughed so much and had such a blast talking with Joe, one of the sushi chef’s working that night. When we first sat down there were these really cute little ninjas waiting for us. Joe had put them there and said that he sometimes puts them on the conveyor belt for little kids to grab when they go around.

Joe asked us up front what we liked and didn’t like and then just kept bringing different dishes to our table. Here is a picture of a shrimp that he WAS going to prepare for us. I will explain that part in a minute. At one point Joe even sat at our table and gave us a nice education about the history of Blue C Sushi.

Our waiter Matt was also very attentive and chatty. He had some great recommendations for us and I appreciated his humor.


This is Sebastian! Isn’t he cute?  He was the  LIVE shrimp in the picture above. Joe brought him over to us because we couldn’t believe how big he was. I totally had my mind set on eating him until he started looking at me with his beady eyes and wiggling his antennae around. I just couldn’t do it. So we sent him back to swim around some more.


 Blue C Sushi Food and Beverages

Once seated, a seemingly endless parade of vibrantly-colored plates labeled by name and color after the Tokyo subway lines moves by you. The plates not only serve as a colorful vessel for our food, but they also conveniently indicate the price of each item, so you know exactly what you are spending. You are invited to start stacking plates immediately, taking the items you want directly off of the belt. You can also press the blue button and one of chefs will walk you through the Chef’s offerings and specialty items, as well as address any of your ordering needs.

There are also sensors on each plate that determines how long they have been on the belt and which items need to be disposed of. You will never have any sushi that has sat for more than 45 minutes.

Wendy and I each had a cocktail with our dinner. I had a Bourbon drink and Wendy had a Martini. Both were delicious and packed a nice punch.


We started with some spicy edamame for an appetizer. It was served hot and really got my taste buds revved up for more.


We tried a variety of Rolls and Sushi. Everything brought out to us was aesthetically pretty and plated very well. I tried my first tuna tostada which had tuna, cabbage, guacamole, peppers, red onion and tomatoes served on a crispy wonton shell. I loved it!


I also had some Salmon Sushi that was really fresh. You can tell the quality is good because it is not overly fatty.


It was also my first time eating hot clams. I love clams but I have always eaten them out of the shell in soup. These clams were marinated in a hot salty broth and they were so good. Buttery and tender.



Even though we were stuffed we still decided to have some dessert. We shared the tempura brownie and some shaved ice. The shaved ice wasn’t served with syrup though, it had coconut milk on top and was really sweet and refreshing. The brownie was really delicious and I would love to learn how to make it at home. Blue C Sushi also serves cupcakes, mochi, fresh fruit and cotton candy.

I had a great experience here and would recommend this place to anyone.


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