Boysenberry is the star at Knotts this Spring!

Boysenberry Festival

When you hear Knott’s Berry Farm you immediately think of Boysenberry Jam… least I do. And I love Boysenberry Jam! So when I was asked to go sample Knott’s Boysenberry Festival I was like “HECK YES!” I love all things Boysenberry. When I was pregnant with my daughter Rylee I actually craved the Boysenberry Punch from Knott’s Berry Farm.


Boysenberry Festival BBQ Wings

The main thing with the Boysenberry Festival is it was all about the food! Our first stop were these absolutely delicious Boysenberry BBQ Wings. The line was  mile long and they were pumping out these wings like they were going out of style! I would wait in a 2 hour line just for these bad boys. (Luckily I didn’t have to….we maybe waited 20 minutes) These were so yummilicious that I actually dreamt about them that night.

Boysenberry Festival Trifle

Next we tried the Boysenberry Trifle. This is so big that you can definitely share with someone. It had spongy pound cake, Ice Cream and fresh Boysenberries in a sweet Boysenberry sauce. It was fantastic and the perfect thing to eat on this pretty hot day at the park.

Boysenberry Festival Rides

After we filled out bellies we need a bit of ride time. Since I was there with my daughter we stuck to Camp Snoopy rides which she absolutely loves. I love seeing her face as she is on each ride having the time of her life!

Boysenberry Festival New Shows

They also have a few new shows for Spring. The Berry Jamboree which is outside the Birdcage Theater where you can actually be called up on stage to be a part of the band. You might have to wear a crazy costume and play a crazy instrument but its SUPER fun to watch! Lucy also has a new show in Camp Snoopy called Lucy’s Really Big Spring Show. Lucy has once again teamed up with her pals to put on an awesome show that kids young and old will love!

Boysenberry Festival Wine Tasteing

Next stop for us was a little somethin’ somethin’ for the mama. WINE TASTING! You can purchase your own plate of cheese, crackers, fruit and veggies which comes on this adorable plate that has a special spot for your wine glass. Then you go around and try the different winery’s selections. And by try I mean a HUGE try. These weren’t just sips. They were several gulps of deliciousness. I ended up trying Honeymoon Winery’s Boysenberry Wine (I had to….after all it is the Boysenberry Festival!) and the CHocolate Shops Chocolate Strawberry wine. These both were amazing and I ended up getting the info on both so I could go home and purchase them.

Boysenberry Festival misc

As the day was winding down we walked around Ghost Town to take in the sites. Lot’s of Boysenberry things everywhere including a Boysenberry plant you could purchase to grow your own Boysentberries at home. And of course we more food. Cajun Alligator Bites with Boysenberry Aioli (I told Rylee they were chicken nuggets…she loved them!) and Boysenberry Flautas. The flautas were super yum and we had enough left over that I took them home to my boys who devoured them the minute I got home. Which when Rylee and I got home we went to bed….we were so full and happy with Boysenberry goodness!

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  • April 26, 2015 at 3:29 pm

    Why did you lie to your daughter about the alligator? A good parent never lies to his children. Lying is a sin.


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