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Bronx Sandwich Co. brings the East Coast to the West Coast

Sandwiches have come a long way from when I was a kid. I remember when I was younger and I wanted a sandwich, I headed to that “underground” place or that little mom and pop shop in the local plaza because those were really my only options. These days there are tons of new places popping up with elaborate menus that offer artisan breads, organic ingredients and a vast variety of beverages. Pure cane sugar sodas and exotic flavored iced teas are just a few I have seen recently.

bronx(credit: Marla B. – Yelp)

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a new sandwich shop called “Bronx Sandwich Co.”. Located on the corner of Newport Avenue and Tustin Blvd. this cute Victorian building has been home to about dozen different types of food joints over the last 15 years. All before failed, BUT Bronx Sandwich has broken away and will be the main reason the parking lot is full for years and years to come.

When you first walk in you are greeted with large vaulted ceilings and a bright clean interior. The menu board is overhead and very easy to read. There is also a huge display of chips from Zappo’s and Dirty’s. I loved that they were not the typical Lay’s and Doritos variety. For guests who would like to dine al fresco there is a comfortable patio out back with a great view of the street.

Craving something sweet for after your meal? No problem. Bronx has gourmet cookies and pastries for you to choose from. But best of all they serve beer and wine!


The first thing we ordered was the $20 pastrami pounder. Holy meat, batman! This sandwich was loaded! All of the meats served at Bronx Sandwich Co. are Dietz and Watson, pretty much the highest quality meats you could ask for. The pastrami is buttery and flavorful and not overly fatty. I highly recommend this sandwich but you will definitely want to share it!

The rye bread comes from Fred’s bakery in Beverly Hills as well so you are getting nothing but the best.

pastrami pounder


Next up was the Shrimp Po’ boy. This sandwich was so popular they started offering it everyday. It has breaded shrimp served on a baguette with mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato a side of red spicy Louisiana sauce. I absolutely loved this sandwich and probably could have eaten another one by myself if i wasn’t already sharing the above mentioned pastrami sandwich. The coating on the shrimp was crispy and so was the bread which comes par baked from OC baking Co.



If something a bit on the lighter side sounds more appealing try their chicken caesar salad. Crisp romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese, caesar dressing, topped with fresh grilled chicken breast should do the trick. Typically I order my dressing on the side but I decided to take a gamble this time and i was glad I did. The salad was perfectly dressed and not the least bit soggy or overpowered by dressing. the chicken slices were thin which I prefer and the avocado was as fresh as you can get. Top with a little cracked pepper for extra flavor.


Street fries are also a popular menu item at Bronx. Choose from “The Manhattan” that has thinly sliced grilled Naval Pastrami , thick cut grilled onions, smothered in melted America cheese over crispy string fries or “Philly Cheese Fries” which have thinly sliced Philly Steak, 3 color grilled bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, melted Provolone cheese, over crispy fries.

the_manhattan_image(credit: Bronx Sandwich co.)

While I was there I also learned that sometimes Bronx Sandwich Co. has a drawing where you can win a free sandwich for a month. Yes, you can literally get a sandwich every single day for a month of you win!

I also overheard the neatest story while we were dining. A gentleman sitting behind us was talking to the manager and he told the manager that his friend introduced him to Bronx Sandwich Co. a few weeks back. I guess this gentleman loved it so much that he has eaten there every single day. And he drives from MacArthur and Main. He said “I’m  going to eat my way through your menu”


About Bronx Sandwich Shop

The company was founded in 2014 by Sal Othman. He literally grew up in the deli business with his Dad who operated delis on the east coast. Sal opened his own delis on the west coast several years ago and expanded his operations to 6 locations before selling the chain. He moved on to other endeavors before breaking back into the food business by creating the concept for BRONX. The first location opened in Tustin in December 2014, followed by the second location (co-owned and operated by Sal’s nephew Aziz Othman) in April 2015. Check out the full menu here

For more information vist Bronx Sandwich Co. on Facebook and Twitter.

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