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Cold Weather has always made me crave comfort food. I love cooking chili’s in the crockpot, baking warm corn bread, creating warm, savory soups and sitting down at the table together to talk about our day. However, when I cannot do that there is one place that can do it for me.Marie Callender’s. They serve  wholesome meals that you and your family will slow down and savor together.

Last week I took my family there to enjoy a nice lunch out. I love that they offer meals that are made from scratch with quality ingredients.

We went to the one in San Juan Capistrano and it was not overly busy so we were seated promptly. I  loved the interior and  the bar seating they had. It felt inviting and relaxing.


My kids walked by the pies as we were being taken to our table and they both picked out which kind they wanted. They even have huge muffins that are perfect for breakfast the next day.


I started by having the all-you-can-eat salad bar. It came with soup and cornbread. The salad bar itself was really clean and everything looked like it had just been restocked. They have 3 kinds of soups you can choose from.


I had the Navy Bean Soup and it was delicious. The beans were tender and the broth had a nice consistency.


Of Course, I could not eat my soup without their signature Cornbread. It is so warm, and fluffy, and crumbly. Its even butter with some silky smooth butter on it.


One of my kids had chicken tenders and french fries. I like how they served it with a side of ranch so we didn’t have to ask. They were crispy and plentiful and my son ate the whole thing. My daughter ordered the Mac and Cheese and it came with a side of garlic toast.


My other son order the trio sampler and it came with a chicken pot pie, a small caesar salad. and a slice of pie. The chicken pot pie was amazing. It was creamy and filled with chicken and vegetables. The crust was a golden brown and all of it together was just pure awesomeness.


My husband ordered the french dip sandwich. It came on a flakey, crusty roll along side some Au Jus sauce for dipping. The roast beef was cooked medium and was really tasty. You can also swap out your french fries for an order of their thick onion rings. He is a big eater and the portion size was just right for him.


Finally it was time for Pie! I wanted the chocolate satin pie but I guess everyone else had the same idea because they were out of it so I ordered my next favorite one…Chocolate Cream Pie. I am still a 6 year old at heart and I love how they add sprinkles to it. The pie crust is so flaky and buttery.


The kids and my husband shared a slice of their Red Velvet Dream Pie. It was really unique. It was red velvet cake with white chocolate chips and a creamy bottom and red velvet crumbs crumbled on top. It was really good and the 2 slices  were perfect for the 5 of us. We were all  nearly in a food coma after that and we didn’t even eat again until 7:30pm that night.


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