Dickey’s BBQ Pit in Laguna Niguel


Laguna Niguel has just gained a new BBQ restaurant. Dickey’s BBQ Pit  smokes all of their meats on-site at the restaurant and serves up beef brisket, pulled pork, ham, polish sausage, turkey breast and chicken, with an extensive array of home-style sides from jalapeño beans to macaroni and cheese. Buttery rolls are served with every meal along with the complimentary ice cream and dill pickles.


The interior is made up of wood paneling and brick and the lighting is nice and bright. Picnic style table cloths cover the table for easy cleanup while pictures of the Dickey brothers cover some of the walls.


Ordering At Dickey’s

Ordering proved to be a little on the difficult side for me. The first thing I noticed is that the glass partition between the customers and the food never dropped off at the ordering counter. Instead it went all the way across. While I understand this may be necessary for sanitary reasons I am not sure how short people like me are supposed to successfully order our food because I couldn’t even see the worker on the other side, let alone hear him. I felt like I had to shout and ask him to repeat himself while I stood in my tippy toes.


After ordering my food I went to go get a drink and pressed my cup against the ice machine and something wonderful happened – Beautiful  little chunks of nugget ice came falling out. Oh how I love nugget ice. I was totally hooked now. They had two tall dispensers of iced tea, Regular and sweetened. The sweet ice tea was amazing.


As I was filling up my ice tea they brought out my brisket sandwich. My fries and onion strings didn’t come for another 5 minutes and while  I nearly finished my sandwich before they arrived they were definitely worth the wait. I love waffle fries and these definitely did not disappoint.

The Brisket was really moist and not the least bit dry.It had just the right amount of sauce on it so that it wasn’t overwhelming.

The Onion strings were phenomenal. I am not sure what kind of batter they use but they were less flaky and held up better than any other onion strings I have had.


By far the best thing about Dickey’s is they give out free dessert to all their customers. But not just any dessert. They give out soft serve ice milk! Remember the stuff they used to serve at Sizzler in their dessert bar? It’s just like that only better!


I was very impressed with Dickey’s and I look forward to going back again!

Blogger Tip: Kids eat free on Sundays

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