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As part of the New Year, the VeggieGrill launched the Mindful Living menu which is meant to celebrate you.

With all the festive chaos behind us, VeggieGrill wants you to take a moment to take care of yourself and that is the driving force behind these new menu items. Comprised of nine items, all of which come in under 600 calories, this menu offers a lot of flavor for under $10 each!

VeggieGrill has made a point to make the veggies the main focus of the dish and adding in super grains and high fiber foods that provide you with the nutrition you need and still leave you feeling satisfied!

Now, if you are anything like me, you might have walked into the VeggieGrill feeling a little intimidated. I’ve gone in before and looked at the menu and didn’t know what tempeh was or had much experience with tofu. I’m neither a vegan nor vegetarian and I was sure they would smell the bacon on me from breakfast and kick me out! I’m glad they didn’t because the food was amazing!

I expected food from a place called VeggieGrill to just taste like grilled veggies. I mean it says it in the name, right? It’s not. VeggieGrill has made every effort to pack flavor into all it’s meals and hopes to please every palate…even the hardcore meat eaters!


I tried several of their new items and they were all very good. I’d have to say my favorite would be a tie. The Bahn Mi Salad is Vietnamese inspired and has glazed tofu in it that was crunchy and tangy and sweet on a salad with a light marinade that was shockingly good. I mean, tofu scares me a bit, but I ate the whole thing! vg3

Another delicious dish on this new menu (as well as a tie for my favorite dish) is the Bombay Bowl. Herb roasted veggies, super grains, steamed kale, white beans, and an amazing sweet coconut curry sauce help to complete this dish.


The Mindful Mash-up is a dish that makes you feel like your grandma just made it for you on a rainy day. Warm, hearty kale and white bean braise along with super grains , fire roasted carrots and field roast sausage comprise this dish.


There is also the Tres Chickin’ Tacos and Black Beans, which has their Chickin’ that is actually a non-meat product. Honestly, you wouldn’t know it unless someone told you because the taste and texture is so similar to real chicken! They were delicious and you get three for under 600 calories!

VeggieGrill’s new Mindful Living menu will trick you into thinking you are indulging because every dish is full of flavor. It’s time to drop all your preconceived notions of what you might have though VeggieGrill is all about and give it a try. I bet they will surprise you!

Rachel Trotter  is a writer out of Orange County. She has 3 kids and loves dining out in the OC.

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