Get your grub on with Farrell’s new Gridiron burger



Farrell’s Big Gridiron Burger and Sundae

Nothing goes together quite like burgers and football and nobody knows that better than Farrell’s restaurant. They have created the ultimate burger called The Gridiron burger and the word on the street is its delicious. I wanted to find out for myself so the kids and I headed to Farrell’s  to see what all the hype was.

Our waiter Zach highly encouraged us to try this burger so I cautiously ordered it not knowing what I was getting into. There are a multitude of ingredients in this burger, all of which I enjoy but have never tasted mixed together. He also suggested we try their soup of the day which was a black bean and shrimp soup. It was chilly outside so I was more than happy to warm up with a cup.

The soup was amazing. It definitely lived up to its name in the spice department but if you add a dollop of sour cream it will settle the spiciness down. Chunks of shrimp are surrounded by sweet corn, tender black beans and tomatoes. It definitely got my taste buds revved up.


Then came the Gridiron burger. If you like Doritos you will love this burger. It is served alongside seasoned waffle cut fries that have been drizzled with buffalo sauce and blue cheese. The chips stayed nicely crisp and the guacamole was a welcomed addition. It was like eating nachos on a bun!


There is an explosion of flavors is this burger.


The fries had a bit of a kick to them and they taste great with an ice-cold coke!


Not that we had any room left for dessert, but we are gluttons for punishment so we also ordered the 4th and Goal Sundae. This ice cream explosion is fit for a linebacker with two scoops of Vanilla, a scoop of Chocolate Malted Crunch and a scoop of Cookie Dough ice cream dripping with warm caramel and chocolate topping, a mound of fresh whipped cream and a cherry on top.

Served in a plastic helmet guests to take home this fun souvenir, but not before eating up the pile of Oreo crumbs and chocolate under the helmet.

You will leave with a smile on your face.

For more information visit Farrell’s on Facebook or Twitter.

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