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When I think of going out to eat hot dogs are not usually the first thing to pop into my mind…until now.  Yesterday I had the most delicious gourmet hot dog at a new craft casual hot dog concept called “Dog Haus“.  Nestled on the bottom floor of the Main Place Mall in Santa Ana this counter service restaurant serves up 100% all-beef skinless Haus Dogs, Haus Sausages and 100% natural Black Angus beef burgers on grilled King’s Hawaiian Rolls. Dog Haus has a really great vibe and a funky warehouse meets restaurant decor. When you first enter you don’t think it is that big because the wall curves around but once you get inside you see there is a bunch of seating and a large outdoor patio with shade. All of the benches say “sweet buns” which I found highly amusing and extremely appropriate. dog_haus_bench This is a counter service restaurant but I loved that when I was deciding on my order I had a front row view of what all the sausages, dogs and burgers looked like. Staring at all of that fresh meat only made me more hungry.


They also hand you a laminated menu so you do not have to stare at the menu board overhead. For a girl who can’t read a menu without her glasses I really appreciated this. dog5 When our food arrived it looked amazing. My four-year old daughter and her friend both ordered hot dogs and corn dogs. My daughter wanted one of each and she was able to customize her order exactly how she wanted it. The batter on the corn dogs is incredible. If you have ever had a corn dog at Disneyland these taste very similar. dog6 I ordered the The Freiburger which had white american cheese, fried egg, haus slaw, fries, mayo. If you have never tasted a fried egg on your burger I highly recommend you do it soon. This burger was bursting with flavor and the plush Hawaiian rolls only added to the greatness of this burger. Personally, I think all food around the world should be served on Hawaiian rolls and I think they should develop a gluten-free version. dog9 My friend ordered the Scott Baioli which had smoked bacon, white american cheese, garlic aioli, carmelized onions.  The aioli really made it unique without overpowering the actual dog.

dog10Photo Credit: Dog Haus

I also tried a side of their chili and while a bit on the dry side it tasted great on top of my tater tots! That’s right, Dog Haus serves tater tots. How cool is that? These bite sized little nuggets of goodness taste great with melted cheese too.


Here is the coolest part though…If you have kids with you they will get a complimentary otter pop! It’s the little things that keep kids happy. Check out The Dog Haus Facebook page and Twitter Page for more  delicious photos.

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