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Fins Poke Fusion

One of the great things about Mission Viejo is the endless variety of non-chain restaurants. Sometime, I feel like South Orange County is a mecca for chain restaurants with monotonous menus, so when we get a restaurant that is out of the ordinary it is very exciting. Last week I was driving to Cost Plus and I made a turn into the wrong plaza, so I turned around and I happened to see a sign for a new Poke restaurant called Fins Poke Fusion. You would have thought I saw Brad Pitt on the corner because my son said I squealed. The truth is I absolutely LOVE poke. It is my all time favorite thing to eat and a few days later I drove back and met with Peter, one of the owners of Fins. He was in the middle of a huge order from the saab dealership across the street (always a great sign when large companies place orders) but he quickly seated me at the bar and took my order.

Ordering Process

You start by choosing your flavor, then your fish, then your base. You can mix and match your poke with salmon so you get a little flavor of both. For $1 more you can also add extras such as crabmeat, masago, octopus, scallops and much more. I couldn’t decide so Peter and his brother were kind enough to give me some suggestions. I ended up with a half and half (poke/salmon) mixture with spicy mayo and sesame shoyu, plus some tender ripe green avocado to top it off. Have a look at their entire menu here.
fins_interior IMG_2908

While I was waiting for my order I noticed how immaculate the restaurant was. The floors were spotless, the windows were super clean and there was warm tones of weathered wood throughout, making for a very comfortable lunch break.


Finally, after minutes of me drooling, my order was ready. I couldn’t believe the size of it when they put it in front of me! Not to mention how visually appealing it was. Seriously, how can you not be happy when thick pieces of pink glistening ahi are staring at you? And as much as I love brown rice I believe Poke just has to be eaten with sticky white rice. Customers also have the option of ordering their poke on a spring mix bed of lettuce.


Other Menu Items

Fins Poke Fusion also serves fish sandwiches, korean bbq tacos and chicken/salmon bowls as well as a big selection of sides like sweet potato fries and green bean tempura. If you are not sure of what to order just ask for a sample and they will hook you up!


Thank you Peter for a great lunch! I cannot wait to come back. For more information visit Fins on Facebook and on Instagram.


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