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Fresh Brothers Pizza

On April 26th it was my dad’s 84th Birthday. Unfortunately, we were not able to celebrate it with him because he passed away in October. I hadn’t been to the cemetery since his funeral so I decided to visit him there on his birthday. It was a nice visit and my brother and his kids came along as well.  After our visit we decided to go somewhere we knew our dad would like.eating to keep the celebration going. Growing up in Huntington Beach , my dad would always take me to this Pizza place called Mossimo’s because he loved the beach and he loved pizza. So we found a place called “Fresh Brothers Pizza” not too far from the cemetery.

It’s located in the Gelson’s market plaza with plentiful parking. The restaurant itself looks brand new. High quality wood chairs and tables. Bright and spacious. And, it’s impossible not to notice the flat screen televisions everywhere! There’s even two in the restroom. Interesting. My first impression was pretty high and I hadn’t even tried the food yet.


We started off with a glass of wine and a glass of beer – A toast to our dad! When we finished placing our order at the counter they asked us if our kids would like to play with some pizza dough. Um,  YES PLEASE!! What kid wouldn’t?!?!


Not only did the dough keep them occupied while we waited for our food but it kept them quiet. Something we usually don’t hear with 5 kids between the two of us. Thank you Fresh Brothers!


My salad came out first. It was a Greek salad and it was beyond beautiful. The lettuce was crisp and bright green and there was a bunch of kalamata olives in it.(my all time favorite). The salad itself was large enough to be an actual entrée but my brother and I split it.


Then came our wings. Would you just look at those things? Aren’t they gorgeous? They tasted as good as they looked too. And would you believe that these are Gluten-Free too?  Yep, if you order them gluten-free they are cooked in a separate pan and they are also stored in a separate fridge away from any gluten particles. Al of their sauces are Gluten-Free as well. There were 20 of these bad boys and I nearly ate the whole bucket myself.


Next up was my 12-year-old son’s Gluten-Free cheese pizza.  I had a bite and I couldn’t even tell it was Gluten-Free. The crust was amazing.


My younger son ordered a personal pepperoni pizza and he shared it with his little sister. It was the perfect size and they were both full at the end.

I am so pleased with this restaurant and I am happy that I have found a regular place to go now when I visit my dad.

Have a look at their entire menu here.

For more information visit Fresh Brothers on Facebook and on Twitter.

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