Fundraiser For Employee With Brain Tumor


Fundraiser For CuCu Agusto

If you ever had a loved one that has suffered from cancer, sickness, or an illness you know how devastating it can be. Recently an employee named CuCu Agusto at the Mexican Restaurant “Matador Cantina” was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Matador Cantina will be hosting a fundraiser on Wednesday, April 16 from 11 am until 2 am in support of  Cucu. . 100% of the day’s sales will be donated to help cover the high costs of Agusto’s medical treatment.

Agusto has been an employee of Matador Cantina since opening day in 2009, and has become a favorite amongst the staff. “Cucu is a very hard worker,” said GM and executive chef David Dennis. “I’m proud to have him as a member of my team, not only because of his strong work ethic, but because he can always bring a smile to your face. He’s the kind of person everyone wishes they could work with.”

In addition to the portion of sales which will be donated, some members of the service staff have offered a portion of their tip income from the day. “I just love working with Cucu,” said bartender Crystal Gavin. “I can’t imagine not having him here with me at work, the least I can do is help support him in his time of need.” Those interested in simply making a donation are invited to visit Matador Cantina at any time to do so.

The married father of two recently underwent surgery to remove the mass, which will be biopsied in order to determine further treatment.

Please join together and help support this wonderful Father and Husband and get some delicious food as well.

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