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Conveniently located across the street from Bella Terra in Huntington beach, is one of Orange County’s most unique new restaurant concepts called “STACKED”. What makes STACKED so interesting is that the restaurant experience is all about getting exactly what you want. They offer America’s favorite foods – Burgers, Pizza, Salads and Mac ‘n’ Cheese and you can choose between dozens of ingredients to create the perfect meal for your taste. Or you can select one of their recommended signature items. STACKED is a full-service restaurant with an innovative ordering approach that enables you to control when you order and pay, and customize your meal.

This brand new location offers something the other locations don’t -Breakfast. On a recent visit my family and I had a great experience tasting some of their delicious creations.

How do you order?

Everything you order is on an ipad system. You  assemble your food using the tablet and schedule when your entrée arrives at the table. The iPad also allows you to pay at the table. If you are not tech savvy, there are also menus at the table but they do not have prices on them.

STACKED Breakfast Food

Our meal started out with a bang when I ordered this awesome breakfast cocktail called “The Bacon Shot”. It had butterscotch Schnapps and a slice of bacon. Let me just put  it like this…If you want to make a really good first impression on anyone, just offer them this! Because it’s purely awesome and will put a permanent smile on their face.


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I came with my husband and 3 kids and we all had a chance to try something different. I chose the Honey Smoked Salmon Benedict and stacked it with avocado slices. This gorgeous dish starts with a crispy english muffin, topped with tendersmoked salmon, topped with a perfectly poached egg and drizzled with delicious hollendaise sauce. Somehow I lost my ability to speak while i was eating this because all I could focus on was how amazing this tasted. I’m not sure if I was wicked hungry or what, but it didn’t fill me all the way up and I could have eaten two of these.


My oldest son ordered some gluten free pancakes and he said they were the best he has ever had. Let’s be honest, Gluten-Free items can often taste like cardboard, but these pancakes were amazing. We even asked one of the owners where they get their pancake batter and he said they ship it from South Carolina. He said they searched high and low for the perfect recipe and they decided that one. My son also stacked this with peanut butter, cookie butter, chocolate sauce, nutella, candied pecans, butter and syrup. Hey, he’s 13 so if anyone can handle that much richness, it’s a 13 year old.


My other son chose the Caramel apple pancakes and stacked it with coconut flakes and chocolate sauce. Yum! There were soft chunks of sweet apples on top of the pancakes and he devoured the whole thing up.

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My daughter, on the other hand, ordered the prettiest item of all. Cinnamon French toast stacked with chocolate chips, raspberries, blueberries and whipped cream.I loved how customizable everything was for her. 5-year olds are not easy to please and she was very happy with her breakfast.

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My husband also made a great choice with an egg scramble consisting of flank steak, chicken, avocado grilled peppers and cheese. He likes his meals protein heavy and this really hit the spot.


Craving some sides? No problem. You can order a variety of sides like hashbrowns, bacon, house potatoes, Canadian bacon, ham and much more. Tip: Customizable yogurts are also on the menu!


Lastly, STACKED loves kids! They give kids wax sticks to play with while you are waiting for your food. Thanks for making our experience so pleasant, STACKED!

We loved everything we ate and are looking forward to coming back and taking their lunch and dinner menu. I understand they have incredible desserts.

Stacked Locations

There are 4 other STACKED locations however, only the HB locations serves breakfast at this time.

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