I love Poke Festival coming to H.B.


I love Poke Festival coming to H.B.

Poke is my all time favorite food so I am extremely excited that the 4th annual I Love Poke Festival tasting event and competition is returning to Orange County on Sunday, June 28 at The Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort. The foodie festival and chef competition invites poke connoisseurs and newcomers to celebrate the Hawaiian delicacy, lifestyle and culture as chefs compete for the title of best poke.
Can you imagine endless plates of poke? It will be a site to see.

Featured at the I love Poke Festival

The I Love Poke Festival will feature 10-12 Orange County chefs competing for the title with their unique versions of the popular fish dish. Notable participants include:
  1.  James Harris of 370 Common
  2.  Shawn Gole of North Short Poke Co.,
  3. Ben LeFleche of Shades Restaurant & Bar
  4. Julio Hawkins of Fly-n-Fish Oyster Bar.

Poke, pronounced “Poh-kay” means to cut or slice and is traditionally prepared as a raw salad of fish, sea salt and any number of preferential ingredients. Festival goers will get to sample the poke as a panel of judges evaluate each dish based on presentation, quality of ingredients and flavor, to crown the winner. Many returning champions from past I Love Poke Festivals will be competing against each other for the title.

Attendees can also sample:
  •  Hawaiian and Asian-inspired dishes from 10-12 additional food concepts
  •  Traditional Hawaiian plates lunches
  • Hula Girls Shave Ice and Dough Dough’s
  •  Malasadas are some of the many offerings that will be available at the festival. In addition to the battle for “Best Poke” and unlimited tastings from popular chefs and restaurants, the event will also feature live music from Orange County local Loa Greyson, cocktails, family friendly atmosphere and a waterfront setting. 
Tickets are available now for $65 at www.onoyum.com. The event will take place at The Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort from 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m., located at 21100 Pacific Coast Highway, Huntington Beach, CA. Guests are encouraged to use the hashtag #ILovePoke throughout the event.

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