Kids Eat Octopus Free at The Independence in Downtown Santa Monica


Ages 12 and Under Score the Restaurant’s Signature Grilled Octopus Dish at No Cost from June 15 – 21

Trying to introduce your kids to new foods and expand their palate? Here’s your chance! From Monday, June 15 through Sunday, June 21, The Independence in Downtown Santa Monica salutes the big city palates of Los Angeles youth by offering its signature Grilled Octopus dish for free to diners 12 years of age and younger. School is out, octopus is in, and the worldly tavern at 2nd and Broadway is throwing down the gauntlet.
For guardians looking to level-up their family’s tastes, or juveniles ready to join the ranks of New American diners, the dish is just the ticket… savory grilled octopus, smoked beans, grapes, celery, and pickled chili.
With the promotion, Chef Tom Block is calling out a new generation raised on shared plates. “Culinary TV shows and media have a been such a catalyst, and our kids are a reflection of this movement. I was always an adventurous eater, but back then we were stuck with plain pasta or mac and cheese. Now that I have a son, we’re always feeding him new exciting dishes.”
To order, simply mention to a server that the tentacle-seeking youngster is of age.
Memo to parents – don’t be surprised if the dish is too good to share… one virtue at a time here.
For more info please visit The Independence on Facebook.

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