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My kids and I were invited to attend a media event for Jamba Juice as they introduce their new juice bar.  I spoke to the head of innovations who was proud to tell me about the many new things that you might be able to see at your local Jamba Juice very soon!

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Jamba Juice has been in business for 24 years now and have over 850 stores globally and they are going back to their roots with more juices!  When you walk into Jamba Juice, you will notice a refreshed update in the look that reflects the healthy lifestyle.  Another thing you will notice is the chalkboard menu for the juices.  It’s not there because the chalkboard look is the new thing, it’s there because the juice menu will change.  Jamba Juice is going to be keeping juice selections season, so you will get your fruits and veggie juices at the peak of their season!

Another noticeable change is the produce cube.  How cool is this thing, right?  Jamba Juice had this specifically manufactured for their stores, so all your produce is whole and fresh before being juiced.  You get to see your produce before it becomes your drink!

Jamba Juice realizes that people are on the go.  I know I pretty much live out of my car most days of the week.  It is hard to find good nutrition on the go.  Jamba Juice has a whole committee dedicated to creating healthy on the go meals in a cup for an on the go society!  One of those members is Jake Steinfeld of Body by Jake.  Seriously!  This committee has your healthy in wellness in mind as they  have added ingredients like chia seed for omega-3’s, kale for antioxidants and greek yogurt for protein.  All of this is done without adding any sugar!

All this information was great news, but the real test is in the taste.  We were all given samples of some of the new flavors and I was actually shocked!  I have had green smoothies and juices before and I will be the first to tell you, sometimes, they just taste like dirt.  No joke.  I prepared myself for that “earthy” flavor, but not once did I taste it.  It was delicious.  Bright green and a great tropical sweet taste!  Here is the kicker:  My 8-year-old (aka the pickiest kid in the world) was sucking down the Kale-ribbean Breeze and giving me the thumbs up!  My 5-year-old loved the refreshing Carrot Orange Fusion.  I loved the Orange Apple Pineapple Ginger with its refreshing zing!

By June, Jamba Juice is aiming to have 500 stores updated with the new menu.  It is the same Jamba Juice you have always loved, with delicious juices and smoothies at great prices and now with even more choices!  Now we may not be the Real Housewives of Orange County, but we still have to share the beach with them, so next time you are running from one errand to the next and need a quick meal, think Jamba Juice.  Kale is going to look much better on your hips than those waffle fries!

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