Luna Grill is the ultimate Kabobery!

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Last week I finally tried  Luna Grill – The Ultimate Kabobery. Luna Grill is located in a recently refurbished strip mall off the 5 freeway on El Toro in Lake Forest. My gym is right next to this place and every time I go to the gym Luna Grill calls my name…..seriously it calls my name!! Luna Grill Exterior The exterior of Luna Grill is a simple building with seating on a front patio. There is also a side patio with umbrella’s for those hot days and heater lamps for those cool evenings. The kabobery sits at the end of the strip mall so there is a lot of space outside to watch the world drive by as you eat your lunch or dinner. Luna Grill Interior The interior is very warm and inviting. They have bright red table, amazing looking food on the walls and ADORABLE chandeliers! I totally wanted to take one of the chandeliers home with me. They have actual forks, knifes and spoons! How cute is that?!? You place your order at the front and then take your number back to the table where they will bring out your food once it’s ready. As we were waiting for our food I started to pay attention to the music. They played music that was upbeat and songs that I knew. They also had giant TVs on the wall in case there was a game on.


The menu is made up of dishes including Kabobs, Gyros, Burgers, Salads, Soups, Quesadilla’s and Appetizers. They have several dishes that use All Natural, Free Range meat. They also have many dishes to choose from that are Vegetarian and Vegan. We started with some appetizers.


Luna Grill Lemon Chicken Soup Melodi started with Lemon Chicken Soup. It had chunks of chicken, rice and just a hint of lemon. It came accompanied with 2 slices of pita bread. It was warm and delicious. Luna Grill Feta Fries I, on the other hand, started with Feta Fries. Who can go wrong with fries and cheese? They were amazingly good and I felt good knowing that my gym was only a stones throw from here. I could work off these calories as soon as I was done!


Luna Grill Bistro Filet Beef Kabob I ordered the Bistro Filet Beef Kabob with was made with all natural beef skewered with red onion and green bell peppers. The meat was perfectly cooked and could be cute with a butter knife. The dish came with a TON of food! A fresh green salad, basmati rice, pita bread, cucumber-yogurt dip and choice of garnishment of either marinated carrots or a small grilled tomato. Although I ate all the meat myself the rest of the dish there was no way I could finish! There was so much food! It made a great snack for later on. Luna Grill Chicken and Ground Sirloin Kabob Melodi decided on the Chicken and Ground Sirloin Kabob. The chicken was  all natural boneless chicken tenders and the ground sirloin was a traditional Persian style kabob made with all natural ground beef and seasonings. Her dish came with all the trimmings as mine. She couldn’t finish it all either. It was a large amount of food for a great price! Luna Grill Kids and Happy Hour Luna Grill has some great “extra’s” that can benefit anyone! They have a happy hour Monday through Saturday from 3pm-6pm and Sunday all day. They serve special priced beer and wine as well as special priced appetizers. They also have a fantastic kids eat free on Tuesdays from 4pm-closing. A perfect place for a family if you want some great food but don’t want to spend a lot of money. I really enjoyed this place and will definitely be going back…..just as soon as I work off these calories!

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  • March 13, 2014 at 3:12 pm

    Luna Grill is definitely tasty! A great party/catering option, too!


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