Marris Long Beach Serves Up Awesome Italian Food

Tucked in a little shopping center in Long Beach is an amazing Italian Restaurant called Marris Family Italian. When you walk inside you really get the feel you are in an authentic Italian restaurant. The smell of  pizza and pasta wafts throughout the air.

My family and I recently went here for the first time before our annual visit to Naples in Long Beach to look at all the pretty mansions lit up for Christmas.

It is not a large place but it you come with a large group like me there is a room in the back that can seat around 12 people.

We started off by ordering an antipasta salad but when it was brought out it was an artichoke and vegetable salad. No problem, our waiter was more than happy to fix it and brought out the correct salad topped with tons of meat and cheese. Talk about some protein!


Then we had some Lemon Chicken- Without Mushrooms of course. It was seriously amazing. A perfectly light and zesty lemon flavor with olives and capers. It also came with a side of spaghetti that my daughter devoured.

Blogger Tip: If you have a lite eater there is no need to order off of the kids menu,  just let them eat the side that comes with your dish.


Next up was the Italian Sausage. My husband and son eat Gluten-Free so this was right up their alley. It had a nice kick to it and was extremely filling. The sauce had a nice kick but wasn’t too spicy.


Now lets talk about their outstanding Garlic Cheese bread. I have never tasted anything like it. I actually ordered a second serving because I used the first order to smother it in the lemon sauce from my chicken. I could eat this bread as a meal alone. I have no idea what they put on it but I am in love with it and will tell anyone in their right mind to try it. I even tried to convince my husband (whom I mentioned eats gluten-free) to try it. No luck but I will convert him one day.


Their Pizza is also phenomenal. It’s thick like deep dish pizza and super cheesy. Honestly you cannot go wrong with anything you order here.

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