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Last week I was finishing up some Christmas shopping and decided to stop for a bite to eat. Every time I go there is nice gentleman outside of Sarku Japanese restaurant stops me and asks me if I want to try their chicken Teriyaki. I always say no because I always thought that there was a ton of  sugar in Teriyaki sauce. However, this particular time I caved and decided to try it. And it was GOOD! So good I decided to order an entire plate of it.

I chose the Teriyaki Combo meal and was very impressed with the serving size. It comes in a styrofoam contained but it was filled to the top. Their chicken is tender with a tangy Teriyaki sauce that doesn’t taste like someone dumped a pixie stick on it. It was mild and flavorful. I also appreciated the fact that the chicken was not fatty. There is nothing worse than pulling chewed up fatty chicken out of your mouth in public.

The rice was perfectly sticky and I am madly in love with the steamed cabbage that comes with it. I don’t even like cabbage but for some reason I could eat a whole bowl of it here. If you prefer something different from sticky rice you can choose fried rice or noodles.

Sarku Japan Nutritional Facts

I was curious about the nutritional information in the Teriyaki chicken so I headed to their website and found this. Not bad at all!



They also have a sushi bar where you can order a variety of rolls. Stop in next time. I bet you won’t be dissapaointed. For more information visit

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