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Mediterranean Cuisine At Medii Kitchen

I had the pleasure of going out for a date night last week with my husband!  We went out to Medii Kitchen.  Medii Kitchen is semi new to Anaheim Hills and has already received a warm welcome from the community.  So we decided to try it out for ourselves. When we walked in at about 6:30pm, it was not crowded.  The ambiance was great.  Dim lighting and a comfortable feel.  We were immediately seated.  The waitress greeted us with a warm smile and took our drink order.  I only ordered water simply because it’s what I prefer to drink and I didn’t feel like having anything with alcohol.  My husband, Bryan, ordered a coke. While the waitress was grabbing our drinks, the chef came out to our table.  He gave us the option of ordering what we wanted from the menu or allowing him to bring us his “specialties”.  We opted to go with what he thought was best.  I mean, how can you go wrong knowing the chef is preparing his best for you, right? The Tapas were the first things to come out.  That’s right…plural, with an “s”!  This included the Medii Trio which consisted of Hummus, Babaghanoush and Muhamara.  They were so smooth and so flavorful.  The Muhamara had a hint of spice and smokiness to it.  That was my favorite one.


Next plate that came out contained Cheese Boreg and Kiddeh.  Kiddeh is a little fried dumpling type of thing.  It had meat in the middle. The first bite of the kiddeh was so piping hot I couldn’t taste it!  However, once I let it cool down for a second….it was marvelous!  Cheese Boreg is a mini wonton with cheese…need I say more…it has CHEESSE, yuuuuum! medii5 Last but not least was the Falafel.  This had garbanzo beans and tomatoes, lettuce.  Very flavorful. Well….that sums up the Tapas….Yes, we are just wrapping up the appetizers! While we were feasting on our Tapas, the restaurant was quickly filling up.  I guess we got there at the exact right time to miss the crowd.  Had we waited only 30 minutes, we would likely have had to wait for a table. Salad was the next thing to come out.  Of course it was Tabouleh.  Oh, how I love Tabouleh!  And guess what, even Bryan tried it!  I was shocked to say the least.  He actually liked it.  Of course he did, it was amazing. medii6 All of the Tapas and Salad were so good.  The only bad thing…I was  already full.  I really didn’t think I could actually eat a meal at this point.  The chef chose to make both of us kebobs.  Chicken for me and Filet Mignon for Bryan.  The kebobs consist of the meat of your choice, onion and tomato.  The skewers are served with rice pilaf.  As I said before, I was so full from the yumminess that was already served, I didn’t think I could eat anymore….but I had to “taste” my new plate of food. medii7medii8 The chicken was so juicy and tender.  Parts of it was a bit charred…and I do not mean burned.  It just had a tiny bit of crispiness and when you bite it, pure juciness!  It was perfection to me!  And then…there was the rice.  Seriously, kill me now!  Remember, I am NOT hungry at all!  In fact, quite the opposite.  I just couldn’t stop eating.  It was really that good! My mouth is watering as I write this.  I just want to go back and have some more.

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