Get Your Grilled Cheese on at The Melt


Hey all you grilled cheese lovers! The Melt Restaurant at the Shops of Mission Viejo is now open! They are located on the bottom level near Nordstroms, NOT in the food court.


If you have never been to The Melt you are in for a serious treat. While it may sound like comfort food to some, The Melt actually has very high standards when it come to their ingredients. They use real, all natural ingredients with no artificial flavors or colors. They also follow a manifesto of foods they do not carry such as:

  • No products with sodium benzoate
  • No mono and Diglycerides
  • No aspartame
  • No bleached Flour
  • No ethyline oxide

For the full list click here.

The Food


The first thing that caught my eye at the new location was the fresh lettuce they use for their salads. It was green, and crisp and no signs of wilt anywhere.

melt cheese

My daughter ordered the mac-n-cheese and it was delicious. They use corkscrew pasta and sprinkle it with parsley.

well dressed fries

They also carry something called “Well Dressed Fries”  so grab a fork and dig in because, even though you’re probably going to order these fries with creamy aged cheddar, Fontina, Jack, crumbled bacon, and crispy onions to share, you’re not reallllllly going to want to share all that many of them.

Untitled design-129

If your not in the mood for a grilled cheese, The Melt also offers 100% real, all-natural beef burgers with real aged cheeses that are melted to perfection on freshly baked artisan buns.


Did you know that The Melt serves Wine? I had no idea and was extremely happy when someone informed me of this. Seriously, how good does a glass of chilled white wine sound with a warm gooey grilled cheese? It’s heaven I tell ya!

Another sandwich worth mentioning is the Mac Daddy which has Aged Sharp & Mild Cheddar Blend, Macaroni, Bacon on Artisan White. Get a side of tomato soup and dip the sandwich in it. Your eyes may just roll to the back of your head.



No meal at The Melt is complete without the S’more sandwich. Melted marshmallow and sweet milk chocolate are layered in between crispy white bread. Get some napkins because this one is messy!

the Melt_smore

Did you know?

The Melt Partners with Whole Kids Foundation with the mission to improve children’s nutrition by supporting schools, inspiring families and empowering kids to make better food choices.

For more information visit The Melt on Facebook and Twitter.


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