Perfect Pizza at Pieology

For a long time I thought I liked deep dish pizza. Then I went to Chicago recently and tried the real thing. Turns out I don’t really care for it after all. Having to wait 30 mins for a pizza when you are hungry isn’t my idea of fun. And the crust was so thick I couldn’t taste anything else.

Then last week I was out at the Irvine Spectrum and decided to try the new pizza place called Pieology. My kids were hungry and so was I so I wanted something quick and easy. When we got there the line was out the door but it moved really fast. You place your order at the counter, and then if you want a salad you get it from the chiller. They have a great selection of drinks as well.

The menu is quite exciting. You can create your own custom pizza with 3 choices of sauce, 4 kinds of cheese and endless toppings or you can choose one of Pieology’s own creations. We chose the pepperoni, sausage and meatball pie. The crust was so delicious. It was brushed with butter and was the perfect size. Not too thick and not too thin. It had the perfect amount of sauce and the meat was outstanding. I don’t think there was any part of this pizza that didn’t have protein on it.


I chose to also have a salad with my pizza. It had local organic greens, gorgonzola, chicken, craisins, candied walnuts and a raspberry vinaigrette dressing. It was really fresh and crispy.image

For dessert I told my kids they could have some cinnamon sugar strips. Oh My Gosh these were so good. The crust was brushed with melted butter, then sprinkled with Cinnamon Sugar and a white frosting glaze like you would find on a cinnamon roll. Best part of all is they were only $2.50.


This whole meal only cost me $14.00 and it fed 4 people. The pizza was only $7.50, the Salad was only¬† $3.50, and the strips were only $2.50. Definitely easy on my wallet. We can’t wait to come back again soon!

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