Perky Jerky Is A Healthy Snack Alternative

Perky Jerky package

Beef Jerky is one of those awesome snacks that is portable and fairly healthy. The problem with the store bought kind is there are lots of unhealthy stuff added to them like preservatives. My husband and I usually make our own beef jerky because of this fact. Recently I heard of a new kind of jerky called Perky Jerky. This stuff is made of all natural ingredients and has no nitrates, no preservatives and no MSG! It also has Guarana extract in it which is rich in caffeine so it gives you a boost of energy. I tried 4 different kinds.

Perky Jerky Flavors

Perky Jerky collage

The flavors I tried were Beef Jerky: Original and Teriyaki and Turkey Jerky: Original and Sweet & Spicy. They also have a flavor called Hot & Bothered in both beef and turkey. Teriyaki also comes in turkey and Sweet & Spicy also comes in beef. All 4 packages were very fragrant once opened and the meat inside was SUPER moist. It fell apart as you took it out of the bag. Not a typical “tough to chew” jerky that’s for sure! All 4 flavors had a sweetness about them which was due to the fact that all 4 were made with Brown Sugar.

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