El Pollo Loco Honors New Slogan Winner


New Slogan for El Pollo Loco

This past Thursday El Pollo Loco, the nation’s leading fire-grilled chicken restaurant chain honored Steven Brower, a Laguna Hills resident who came up with the company’s new slogan “Without The Flame, It Ain’t The Same”. He celebrated with his wife, son and a handful of family members at the El Pollo Loco in Laguna Hills.

Brower’s slogan was voted as the winner of El Pollo Loco’s Facebook and Twitter Contest and will be featured in-store on El Pollo Loco crew uniforms this fall. Brower was also treated to his first of a year’s worth of free meals at El Pollo Loco. Brower’s winning slogan beat out over 800 entries.


I had a chance to ask Steven Brower how he came up with his winning slogan and during the course of our conversation I was delighted to hear something really inspiring.. He told me that he loves El Pollo Loco and in an attempt to lost some weight he eats at the same El Pollo Loco 6 days a week. Brower said that over the course of 1 year he lost over 20 pounds ordering the same exact meal every time: 2 chicken breasts (which he pulls the skin off of), an order of broccoli dry, and salad with no dressing. He said while he dined he came up with a few slogans and tweaked them until they sounded right.

But perhaps the most amazing thing I heard while I was there was when an employee who works there told me that on Christmas day, Steven Brower came in and gave every employee working a $10 bill and a lottery ticket. Just because that is the kind of guy he is. Humble and kind.

Brower, who is 62 also ran his first 5k ever this weekend.


While I was there I also had a chance to try out their new Carne Asada Tostada. The steak was so tender and flavorful and not the least bit dry. I also loved how they put plenty of sour cream on it. The tostada shell was crispy and airy and it made for a great scooper.


For more information visit El Polo Loco on Facebook and on Twitter.

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