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Last week I had a chance to check out the delicious new “Poke Me” restaurant in Irvine. I had a bit of Deja-vu when I entered because I swear I had been their previously. Then it dawned on me that Poke me used to be Poke Ria. Both were very good but I have to say Poke Me blew me away with the cleanliness of their store. I could have eaten off their floors and the tables were glistening.

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I also loved the beautiful mural they had on the wall. It felt like a tropical paradise while we were dining.

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I can never decide between Ahi and Salmon so I always end up getting both. The fish was fresh and I loved that I could get brown rice or salad if I wanted. Plus the portions are very generous!

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After your bowl is made up there is a topping bar for you to add whatever toppings you like. Choose from things like: Masago, green onion, Jalepeno, ginger, crispy onion, corn, wasabi, tamago and more!

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Something that really sets Poke Me apart from all other Poke restaurants in the area is their delicious desserts.  A company called “Brick” makes these amazing ice cream macaron sandwiches that will blow your mind and Poke me sells them.

You can get flavors such as Green Tea, Mango, Vanilla, coffee and strawberry. I recommend the coffee flavor. Amazing!

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