Relive Your Childhood At CREAM


Relive Your Childhood At CREAM

CREAM makes a large variety of different flavors of ice cream and cookies that never disappoint!  This is because aside from the traditional, they have made both gluten free and vegan cookies as well as vegan ice cream.  Here is the kicker, even those are fantastic and that is hard to do!

CREAM is always dreaming up new creations and flavors.  In fact, three new flavors of ice cream will be coming out in the next few months.

Apple to my Pie will be coming out this November.  This is topped with caramel and streusel.  I don’t even like pie, like at all, and this was my favorite! I promised myself I would just sample each flavor and I couldn’t help but finish the whole scoop.  Like all of their ice creams, they base is premium quality, so it is silky and creamy.  Add to that, chunks of apple, cinnamon spices, caramel and the crunchy sweet streusel and it is amazing!


In January CREAM will be celebrating its birthday with its new Birthday Cake flavor!  My kids were first in line for this flavor.  Birthday Cake has the prefect balance between the cake and frosting flavors and even has chunks of cake and of course sprinkles!  It was a hit!

February will be the month that Chocolate Cherry Chunk premiers.  This one was the one I was most hesitant to taste.  I was afraid that the flavors might be overwhelming, but they weren’t at all!  Of course, like the name says there are chunks of chocolate and cherries, but it didn’t have the strong artificial taste that I was expecting.  Instead, they were subtle flavors that complimented each other well!

CREAM carries brownies and donuts as well as a plethora of toppings to let your ice cream sandwich dreams run wild.  Everything is warmed before putting the ice cream in the middle to give it a little ooey gooey melt. It is your sweet tooth’s perfect match!

For More information visit CREAM on Facebook and Twitter.

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