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spikes fish house

Fresh, Healthy, seafood are three words I would use to describe Spike’s Fish House in Laguna Niguel. This fast casual restaurant serves up fresh grilled fish platters, brown rice, fish tacos and salads. Believe it or not this restaurant is in the same location where the now defunct¬† Pasta Bravo used to be. It is also owned by the same owners.

Spike’s Menu

Recently I was stopped in as I was in a hurry and needed something fast but I was craving something healthy yet filling. I ordered the panko crusted salmon on a bed of brown rice with a green salad. I loved that I wasn’t charge extra for my salad like at some places.

My salmon was awesome. It was flaky and tender but had a nice crisp to it from the panko crumbs. They also have a pesto aioli sauce that is to die for. I loved it so much I asked if they sold it. It turns out they do!

The brown rice was a great compliment to my fish and even though I chose a salad you can order fresh steamed veggies instead. Think carrots, zucchini, broccoli and bell peppers.

fish house salmon

They also have crushed ice which is my all time favorite. I actually have a list of restaurants in OC that serve crushed ice as I love it so much.

Another new item I saw while I was there was something called the Super Food Salad. It’s a delicious blend of quinoa, kale, edamame and fresh veggies with our homemade Honey Ginger Dressing.

spike's superfood salad

To see the entire Spike’s menu click here.

I really enjoyed my food at Spikes and I think you will too! For more information visit:  http://spikesfishhouse.com/

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