What’s New At Black Angus?

Whats New At Black Angus-

Since 1964 Black Angus has been a popular steakhouse name in many Southern California households. With 46 locations and a diverse menu, Black Angus continues to master their craft with perfectly seasoned flame-grilled steaks

Recently, there have been some exciting new summer additions to the Black Angus Menu. I had a chance to sample them and I’d love to share the with you!


For guests who like to enjoy an appetizer before their meal, Black Angus serves a sweet Molasses bread with creamy butter that is complimentary. If you are with a large group and would like something a bit more filling try the wagon wheel sampler platter. It come with Zucchini, chicken tenders, potato skins and shrimp cocktail.

If that sounds like too much food, the grilled  artichokes are a great choice because they are light yet flavorful. They also come with some amazing dipping sauces like ranch and pesto Aioli.

coconut mojito

I always enjoy having a cocktail with my dinner and one of their feature drink is a coconut mojito. -RumHaven coconut rum and Bacardi silver rum, mixed with fresh mint,  Lime & soda. This drink is cool and refreshing making it a top choice in my book!

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Also new is the Jalisco Mango Mule – 1800 Reposado Tequila, mixed with mango, fresh lime and Q Ginger Beer; garnished with candied ginger.


Now that you are ready to sink your teeth into a juicy steak,  definitely go with their hot off the grill juicy rib-eye. It is richly marbled and full flavored. You can choose one of their delicious steakhouse butters:



Prime Rib is also one of their most popular dishes due to the flavorful Black Angus Dry rub and house made Au Jus Sauce. Top it with sautéed baby portabella mushrooms for an even bolder flavor.


Seafood lovers will enjoy the 6 oz. Black Angus’ tender Filet Mignon, paired with the jumbo Wild-caught Mexican Prawns. I have recently only started eating wild-caught fish and I was very pleased to see this new summertime option on the menu. These babies are huge and easy to peel right out of their shells. The warm drawn butter is the perfect place to dunk them.


Got Kids? We have 3 and they loved the fried shrimp. It’s served with a hearty rice pilaf and side of fresh fruit (or fries).

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Our little one enjoyed some cheese burger sliders that were the right fit for her little hands. Kids can choose from fresh fruit, tater tots and several other options.


Hopefully you can save rom for dessert because Black Angus has a fantastic coconut cream cake with three moist layers of house-made yellow cake and coconut mousse, iced with coconut buttercream frosting.

For anyone who a gluten-free diet, don’t fret! They also have an amazing four chocolate flourless torte that tastes exactly like a Hershey’s dark chocolate bar.

For more information visit Black Angus on Facebook or Instagram.

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