A Healthier Way To Celebrate Halloween

With all the sugar we are surrounded by on Halloween wouldn’t it be nice to find a healthier way to celebrate the holiday? Greenleaf Gourmet Chop in Costa Mesa has just the events for that!

  • On Saturday, October 26, Greenleaf 17th Street invites all children and parents to come by for a pumpkin carving party! Starting at 10 a.m., each participant can carve for $20, and the best pumpkin will win a $40 Greenleaf gift certificate.

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  • From Thursday, October 31 until Friday, November 3, all kids (12 years old and under) who visit Greenleaf’s 17th Street or SoCo locations dressed in their Halloween costume will receive one free kid’s menu item. Parents must be present, and is available for dine-in only.

Click to access greenleaf2.pdf

Don’t miss out on these fun events. Your kids will have a boo-last!

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