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As you can guess by the title, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. was fashioned from the movie Forrest Gump.  It boasts a menu of mostly shrimp dishes with other American non-shrimp dishes like hamburger, bbq chicken salad, ribs, and some chicken options.  The restaurant is decked out in the theme of Forrest Gump and the servers come to ask you trivia questions from the movie. I loved how the wait staff was young and energetic and all of them were playful and full of personality.

Last week I took my son to the Bubba Gump’s at the Anaheim Gardenwalk for his 13th birthday. It is one of my all time favorite restaurants and I have eaten at nearly every Bubba Gump’s in CA. He has a pretty elaborate palate for a kid his age so I was excited for him to try some new things.

Bubba Gump’s Interior


The entire restaurant is decked out to look like a shrimp shack.  There are lots of neon signs on the wall, old license plates with quotes from the movie, and lots of home down decore remincent of the movie. They even have a store decked out with Bubba Gump merchandise like t-shirts and magnets.

Bubbe Gump’s Food

I was super impressed that they had a separate gluten-free menu for my son to pick from. It certainly takes a lot of the stress out having to  search through a whole menu trying to decide what is GF and what is not.



We started out with a large shrimp cocktail. This was the first time my son had ever tried raw shrimp so I was a little nervous but he really liked it. The shrimp were large and meaty and were 100% deveined. Thank goodness because I was afraid that might cause him to be resistant. Plus the cocktail sauce was zesty and really flavorful.


My son ordered the Net Catch which is what I order every time I come. (I was so proud he chose this). It’s beer steamed Peel ‘n’ Eat Shrimp, along with Carrots, Celery, Corn, Potatoes and Andouille Sausage all steamed and tossed with their Garlic Spice recipe. This entrée is like eating a bag of chips…you just cannot stop. The flavor is incredible because the potatoes and the corn and the veggies are all covered with the spice so every bite you take you get this intense and wonderful flavor.


I ordered the  steamed crab legs which was one pound of Snow Crab Legs steamed in Garlic and Herbs and served with Drawn Butter and Jasmine Rice.  They give you a cracker so it is easier for you to break open the shells.


There was a ton of crab meat and the jasmine rice was seriously the best rice I have ever tasted. It definitely was a messy meal but one that I enjoyed. I felt like I had found gold after spending all that time trying to get the meat out of the claws.

Bubba Gump Dessert

Now let’s talk about dessert. There was a split second I mentioned that it was my son’s 13th birthday but it was in reference to something we were doing that day. I guess our waiter remembered and the next thing I know there is a group of waiters and waitresses that came over with an ice cream sundae and they all made my son get up and eat his sundae as fast as he could while shaking his booty. Funniest thing ever and my son was such a good sport.


For my dessert I chose the “Best of the Best Sampler” The Hook, Line and Sinker Mama’s warm Bread Pudding, homemade Biscuit topped with fresh Strawberries and melt in your mouth Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae. Of course my son helped me by eating the ice cream and whip cream off of them.

We had such a fun time together and cannot wait to go back. We absolutely loved the food. To see their full menu click here.

For more information on Bubba Gump’s visit them on Facebook and on Twitter.

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