Miguel’s Jr at the Tustin Marketplace



Miguel’s Jr. at the Tustin Marketplace

Miguel’s Jr, a Mexican fast food staple has just splashed into the Tustin Marketplace. Serving delicious 50 year old family recipes, Miguel’s Jr. is a welcomed addition to the southland.


The inside is bright and cheerful and the walls have great decor. There is a neat blue story wall and the brocade wallpaper behind the salsa bar is refreshing and adds lots of contrast.


My little guy and I  really enjoyed the beverage station because they serve my absolute favorite- Nugget Ice. Those cute little pellets of cold ice. Nothing makes a drink taste more refreshing than nugget ice!


I ordered the carne asada plate and was very impressed with the quality. The meat was perfectly grilled with a little pink showing and they cut it into thick chunks. The rice and beans were also delicious although I would have liked it if the beans had a little more texture to them.


My son ordered the taquitos which came on a bed of beans and rice. He very much enjoyed them but he was questioning the guacamole because it did not look like traditional chunky guacamole. I believe theirs is mixed with sour cream so a guacamole “sauce” might be a better description.


My husband ordered the chicken tostada salad and devoured the whole thing. He said it was a nice, light alternative to some of the heavier entrees.


My 4 year old daughter ordered the kids bean and cheese burrito and I kid you not she ate the entire thing. The girl eats like a bird, yet she found the room to finish this entire burrito. That is a great sign!


Lastly, I must talk about Miguel’s Jr.’s amazing tacos. The pictures don’t do them justice. These are some of the best tacos we have ever had. The meat was seasoned to perfection and the tortillas were a perfect compliment to the onions and cilantro.

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