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SPIN Neapolitan Pizza

Yesterday I had the pleasure of dining at my newest favorite pizza joint, SPIN pizza in Bella Terra HB. I have yet to find a pizza joint that offered everything I could possibly want in a restaurant. What is it I want in a restaurant you ask? I’ll tell you. I want great ambiance, beautiful decor, wine or cocktails, great food, Gluten-Free Options and ice cream!!! I am proud to say that SPIN Pizza had all of those things.

When you first walk in there is a GIANT menu on the wall which I loved because it was close and easy to read and not behind a counter. They have all the types of beers they sell on tap displayed in front of you as well as all of the bottles of wine they offer.

And the ceiling in this place is simply amazing. The architecture is stunning.



After a long look at the menu I decided to order the Mini Mia. This is where you pick your pizza and pick your salad for $10.25.  I chose the  Chicken Pesto Pizza with Gluten-Free Crust and a Spinach Salad. It was probably the best restaurant pizza I have ever had. The crust was thin and crispy and you could not even tell it was gluten-free. My salad was fresh and has all of the ingredients I love in a salad, especially Kalamata olives.


My oldest son ordered the Mini Mia as well,  choosing the Chicken and Pineapple Pizza and a Spinach salad too. They use Lucille’s BBQ sauce in this pizza and it was amazing. The Pineapple was so fresh and sweet. One thing we both noticed was that there was hardly any grease on our pizza. It seemed so clean and not oily and heavy like some pizzas are.


My youngest son and daughter shared a cheese pizza and they both devoured it. There was nothing left on their plates which is a rare sight for me.


SPIN Dessert

When you order a kids meal they give you a token to reedem for a cup of Gelato. So after lunch we ordered two gelatos for everyone to share. We got chocolate and Coffee Flavored. It was so delicious. SPIN uses mostly milk (not lots of high butterfat cream) and churns it for a long time to allow for its unique creamy, dense texture.


We thoroughly enjoyed our meals here and are super excited to come back and try some new menu items.

SPIN Pizza is located at 7511 Edinger Ave Huntington Beach, California 92647.  PHONE:714-892-7746

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