The Dirty Cookie is Delicious


Have you ever heard of a milk shot? Crazy right? Sounds like a bunch of toddlers getting drunk at a milk bar.  But these shot glass-shaped cookies are the newest dessert sensation and The Dirty Cookie in Tustin has everything you need to do these shots!

Their Grand Opening is TONIGHT 7/31/15 at 6pm. The first 75 people in line receive a free cookie shot, and the first 10 get a free t-shirt.


EatDrinkOC attended a media preview of the dirty cookie the other night and we absolutely loved these delicious desserts.

The cookies molds  are the perfect size and we had the opportunity to fill our own cookie shots at the  using housemade flavored creams from a kegerator tailored specifically for that use. The dispensing device keeps the custom creams ice-cold and fresh, and adds a fun DIY element to The Dirty Cookie experience.


The Dirty Cookie has a yummy selection of delectable cookies including chocolate chip, red velvet, and cookies & cream, accented with chocolate and vanilla creams (among other flavors) as well as a variety of other delicious baked goods.


if you have school aged kids this would be the best after school treat ever! Just ask to take some cookies to go dry, and you you can ask for the cream to-go as well!



The dirty cookie is located at :

The Dirty Cookie

The District

2493 Park Ave, Tustin, CA 92782

For more information visit The Dirty Cookie on Facebook and on Twitter.

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